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We join together to experience Joy and Growth in magical ways!

Location: Sacred Sites in Nature, next up Mt. Shasta, CA
What to Expect: Energy Insights Retreats are orchestrated to invite a relaxed and intimate experience. Our primary focus is connecting to Nature and allowing the land, water, wind and fire to speak to us. In order to do so we gather in circles around fires and rivers. We drum, we sing and we dance.  We enjoy outdoor experiences and activities regardless of the weather. We flow with the itinerary with ease, no need to rush or force anything. We play. We eat delicous food together at the table to nourish our bodies and share our stories. We pray and meditate together. We honor each other by having healthy boundaries and respecting our needs for quiet time and solitude as well. 

Everything is centered around Nature so you will find the locations are Earth friendly and glamping at its best! You are encouraged to go barefoot so that you reconnect your energy to the Great Mother and disconnect from the frenetic energy of our modern lives. 

Truly, when women gather and share ritual together magic happens, hearts open and we discover our innate gifts. You will be nourished in more ways than one.