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WTF is happening?

Ever wonder why we are here? What's the point? Sometimes, particularly this time we are in, life can seem achingly difficult some days. I mean just watch the news for 10 minutes. Any longer you may lose your mind at this point. It is really easy to sink into despair. Can you feel people sinking right now? Some days I sink. You might too and we aren't failing, we are in dire need of rest. If you are energy sensitive you feel it! The level of anxiety, rage, and fear is off the charts. No one can deny this. According to my dear wise astrologer friends we are in unprecedented times on a planetary level. And it isn't slowing down just yet. Buckle up! This is enough to send sensitive souls running for the hills (or in my case the Mountains) or the covers.

So how can we maneuver our way through this time with our hearts and Spirits intact? I truly believe it is possible and, not only that, I believe it is the most amazing opportunity we have ever been given. To stay connected to your heart, your Spirit, right now with this storm raging, is the most important opportunity of your LIFE. What if you meant to be here, living this life, at this time, because you knew it would be the greatest opportunity to expand your Soul ever available? I mean what if? The epic choice of LOVE or FEAR is right now.

Here are a 8 powerful tips I use to soothe my soul, stay connected to my Heart/Spirit/Love:

1. REIKI PRACTICE-Intentionally connecting my heart with Life Force Energy everyday

2. NATURE-Connecting my awareness to the trees, the birds, the Sun, clouds, the water, the mountains so I remember I am alive in a body on a magnificent blue and green planet in a vast Universe!

3. FRIENDS-We can't do this alone and we need each other.

4. MUSIC/DANCE-The language of the heart married with the movement of the body is Magic!

5. WATER-Drinking it, sending prayers to it, soaking in it. Water is Magic!

6. COMPASSION-Reminding myself that I am human and I am learning and growing everyday.

7. FORGIVENESS-Myself and others. We all make mistakes. Resentment is poison and it has no home here.

8. TEARS & LAUGHTER-Both are cleansing releases and both are beautiful.

9. SUPPORT-I am very honored to walk with other's on their journey as a guide and support person and every healthy healer knows we have blind spots too and need guides and support ourselves. So I get make sure I reach out to my team when I need support. It takes COURAGE and humility to ask for help.

Try some of these tips and let me know how they feel for you.

Please comment and share your go to tips to stay healthy and relatively sane during these wild times.

And hey, reach out to schedule an appointment or come to a retreat if you need some extra support right now to feel more connected, peace, make new friends, and balance your energy.

In Love,


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