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Happy Mother’s Day


It has been quite awhile since my last blog post. Life has so many twists and turns for us. And I have been going through a personal transformation like no other as many of you have. I’m sure navigating the last couple of years has been interesting for you too. There has been so much loss and grief to process. Whether personally or collectively, we are in intense times of change. It is undeniable.

We are being called to expand and evolve rapidly in order to move our world into a higher level of consciousness. We are being offered an opportunity to let go of outdated beliefs and programs so that new more sustainable, life affirming ways of being can flourish. However, letting go of the familiar is no easy task is it, even if the familiar is painful.

Recently, I realized how high my pain tolerance was. To think, I used to boast about how high my pain tolerance was, wearing it like a badge of honor. I realized it wasn’t healthy, it was actually a trauma response. I had learned to tolerate pain, be it physical or emotional, as normal. I framed my ability to suffer in a way that made me feel powerful and dare I say more Spiritual. This was an egoic protection. Hello shadow work! So I offered a prayer to Spirit and asked that my pain tolerance be recalibrated to a normal level in order to have the wisdom to know when a person, situation or physical sensation was not good for me, when to seek support when I need it and to assess my needs like I would for my child. And you know what? Spirit has answered my prayer. I am keenly aware of my instincts, my gut and my intuition.

There is freedom and power in moving away from what hurts us. It is being our own loving parent. Developing healthy boundaries is life changing. All the healing, all the classes, all the meditation, all the yoga, all the learning and reading isn’t worth a hill of beans if one lacks healthy boundaries. This is true because, without them, we will be consistently leaking our energy again and again. We’ll wonder why we don’t hold on to the good feelings for long. The container has a leak! Healthy energetic boundaries are our roots, the grounding foundation in which healing grows and sustains itself! It is the rich, moist , dark soil that we grow from. It is the Divine Feminine, The Mother. When our roots are strong we feel safe, belonging, and at home in our body. This feeds our hearts. We can handle the ebb and flow of Life with Grace. How are your roots? Do they need water, attention and love? Give yourself what you need this Mother’s Day!

I am beyond excited to be hosting a retreat at the Root of the World! Imagine yourself connecting your roots to the root chakra of Gaia (Mother Earth). Feel your roots being nourished and energized! See the energy coming up through your body and reaching up and connecting you to the stars! You’re alive and lit up with Life Force! That’s what’s happening when we visit Mount Shasta! It has already started.

Spirit is guiding this trip. I’m following a guidance because it’s too strong to ignore. It is the same force that propelled me to visit Hawaii even though logically it didn’t seem feasible. And I’m so grateful I went because I got so grounded there. My energy body got rekindled and rebooted. My roots got nourished and my sacral chakra got reignited with increased vitality and sensuality! I got inspired. Go to my Instagram @energyemmy and you’ll see me come back home to myself in the pictures. I came home to my body and felt love and appreciation for her as connected deeply with the island Maui. She was fierce and abundant. I want this for all women. I want us to feel safe in our bodies, connected to our sexuality, our hearts and our Spirit-to be fully ALIVE! The world, our family, our friends benefit from us being our most authentic lit up selves!

If this sparks a desire in your heart visit for information about this magical trip! There are 12 spots left!

Sending you all the love this Mother’s Day weekend! May you be blessed with strong roots!


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