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Fun at the dog park!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Don't you love it when synchronicity happens? It is the chance encounters that open doorways and opportunities when you follow the flow of life. This is exactly what happened when I took my dog Wayah to the dog park a few months. I needed a break from some heavy emotional processing and Wayah needed some activity too. We chose to move towards JOY!

We were hanging out sniffing everything, well Wayah was actually, when this adorable puppy and his Mom walked in the park. Being the dog lover I am, I asked to pet the adorable fur ball running towards me. I asked his name and it was Jeter. I said, "as in Derek Jeter, the captain?" Amanda, the puppy's mom beamed with pride. When you meet a Jeter/Yankee fan there is an instant recognition. I know this because I have been married to a die hard Yankee fan for almost 22 years. Amanda and I hit it off and started talking about life. Generally, I don't ask people what they do. Small talk can feel so superficial honestly. But this voice in my head said very clearly ask her what she does for work. It was so clear and audible it startled me. I have learned not to ignore such guidance. Amanda then told me that she worked for a CBD company called Georgia Xtracts. To say I was excited to hear more is an understatement. Pretty sure I geeked out at that point and pummeled her with questions.

Amanda was very kind and surprised by how much I already knew about CBD. You see, I have been researching and trying CBD for over a year. In that time, I realized how widely the quality varies and how much money I wasted trying to find high quality CBD. At the time, I was still getting CBD in NC at a great shop in Sylva called Mountain Flora. However, my daughter couldn't use it because of her sensitivity to THC. Amanda shared her contact info with me and later I went on their website.

A few weeks later I met with Anne, the Director of Business Development for GA Xtracts. We hit it off too! She told me more about the company, a fresh CBD start up out of Athens, GA. I learned about their mission help southern farmers move to hemp farming, their involvement with legislation and research as well as their pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility. Anne, also shared that I could become a wholesaler and put my own logo on the products. Funny enough, I had been daydreaming about a new logo (next blog) and needed this nudge. All in all, I was very intrigued and excited to try the products Anne gave me to sample. Over the next few weeks, the tincture and glide on greatly improved my mood and my neck pain. Finally, I had found the quality CBD products I was looking for without THC. My whole family could use them safely as well. I decided to go for it and invest in my own product line.

My decision to practice self care by loading Wayah in the car and heading to have fun at the dog park led me here to you, to this beautiful new website, to my new logo and to premium CBD products that I feel great offering. All because I chose joy and to listen to my guidance!

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