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CBD as an alternative to Cannabis

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Life is pretty intense right now. Many people are looking for ways to calm their nervous system down. Meditation, Reiki, and Nature are top on my list! Yet sometimes we need extra support and there is no shame in that whatsoever! I have talked to numerous clients and friends lately that aren't getting the same benefits they used to from Cannabis. In some cases, their anxiety has increased. I had someone tell me last summer that Cannabis had turned on him. What used to be really enjoyable was now miserable. He felt panic and anxiety off the charts when he smoked and had to quit for his own well-being. What if the current intense energy of the collective is felt more when your high there by causing increased anxiousness? What if THC levels in Cannabis have exceeded healthy limits? What if we aren't meant to escape right now but to really be present and alert to the changes happening personally and collectively? What if we have outgrown old coping mechanisms? We can asks these questions without judgement. And, we can answer them honestly and compassionately. Be still and listen. Your Energy is Insightful! We are being given an opportunity like no other right now. All of our habits and addictions are front and center for us to review. Not to judge, but to discern what is working for our highest good and what isn't. If you find yourself ready to reduce or stop your use of Cannabis but still want the benefits of relaxation and a calmer mind CBD Isolate may help. It is THC free. Another huge benefit is that it is legal and will not interfere with your ability to get or maintain employment. Read the reviews on my home page from people who are trying it. And please feel free to contact me to ask questions and see if it may be worth trying or if you need extra support energetically and want to set up an appointment. I decided to offer CBD products because I have been using them for over a year and felt so many benefits. Stay tuned for my next blog where I talk about how with magical serendipity came to partner with a GA CBD manufacturer to offer premium products! Just for today Love yourself! Emmy

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