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About Me

Energy Insights began 7 years ago when I left my 9-5 and began my journey as a Reiki and EFT practitioner. Talk about a leap of faith. It was a calling I couldn't ignore anymore. I knew my highly sensitive, highly empathic nature had a greater purpose. In every role I have lived, it is my ability to connect with people deeply below the surface that has remained consistent and most fulfilling. Creating space for people to feel safe to ignite their inner healer is one of my greatest joys. And Joy is now my primary agenda!


The name Energy Insights comes from the innate beauty and wisdom of Energy in and around the body and Nature. Energy doesn't lie. Energy is unbiased. Energy is the body's Insight into what needs care and attention. Balanced energy feels focused, alive, creative, and peaceful. I teach people to listen to their own Energy Insights with compassion and grace. 

Little did I know, when I left my 9-5, I would be led to so many other amazing teachers and methods of energy healing- shamanism, dance, meditation and sound. I now incorporate them all into my work with clients. However, my greatest teacher and healer has and always will be Nature. It is my joy and purpose to walk with other's as they reconnect deeply to Nature to rediscover parts of themselves that deserve care, attention, appreciation and reverence. 

Feel yourself come alive with with Energy Insights. Join Emmy for one on one energy healing sessions, Reiki classes, or retreats in beautiful Western Carolina. Emmy is also thrilled to be offering the highest quality CBD products to Energy Insight's wellness offerings. Nature is Medicine!

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Don Reed Simmons

Having taught Shamanism for over 15 years I've seen hundreds of students work to undertake the subtleties of a complex modality while keeling the Big Picture in the forefront of the practice. My teaching is to uncover from the student what they already know and have buried over their life. When Emily started her training with me I knew immediately she would be one to watch. Unassuming. Quiet. Always watching and listening. This is the sign of a Master ready to surface. Emily came into this Earth plane with much knowledge and talent and as she dug deep, the true essence of who she is bloomed. Her past lives as a Medicine Woman, Warrior, Shaman, Sage are evident as she has come into her own. Her essence as a "Mother Healer" is palpable. Her compassion is obvious. Her talents are unstoppable. A saying I say on a regular basis is; "The world needs more Shamans." The world can breathe just a little easier with Emily on board, who has taken up the call and is living the Path of the Shaman, a Medicine Woman, here to bring ancient wisdom and healing into the modern world. 

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Michal Spiegelman

Since the first time we met, I knew that Emily was meant to share her light in a bigger way. I remember her hesitation, when she chose me as her Reiki Master and considered training with us. Experiences she had in the past made her doubt if becoming a Reiki Master is part of her path. She stepped out of her comfort zone and listened to her inner voice. With time and practice, she deepened her understanding of Reiki and her spiritual connection. Fast forward: she is a confident, professional, gifted healer, and teacher. She expanded and grew into a mentor and a guide for other women, and she is skilled in a big variety of modalities. What I love about Emily, is how real and authentic she is. She leaves ego aside, opens her big heart, and takes people under her wings. She is intuitive, caring, and a free spirit who is meant to serve as a Beacon of Change. 

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