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Welcome to Energy Insights 

Welcome to Energy Insights

I Help Highly Sensitive Women Reclaim Their Natural Instincts and Inherent Wisdom, Embrace Their Compassionate Hearts, and Dissolve False Beliefs so They Can Live More Inspired, More Joyfully Connected to Nature, and More Grounded in Their Bodies



Reiki is Guided Life Force Energy we can connect to at will, aligning our hearts with it and expanding it in and around us. In doing so, we become more authentic, grace-filled, and so very awake to the beauty of Life itself.

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Step away from the roles you play daily and step into a self-nurturing experience. Wake up to the sounds of water rushing over rocks, sun sparkling through the birch canopy, yummy meals being served up fresh, along with joyfully planned activities in Nature! All to refresh your Mind, Body, and Spirit! 


Events are focused on learning and doing things that feel good in the body, honor the heart, and stimulate the mind. Whether it is a Groove Dance Party, a Healthy Boundaries Workshop, or a Reiki Class, the intention is to teach you something that affirms your worth, your strength, and your innate beauty.

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Energy Insights offers premium quality CBD products to help you feel calmer, sleep better, and experience less pain. 

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"Emily's guidance has helped me deepen into a far more sustainable, disciplined Reiki practice."

I studied Reiki with three verrrrry different Reiki Masters, and resonated most with Emily's energy, wisdom, style of instruction, and passion for the practice. Emily doesn't just share about the energy, symbols, and history of Reiki; she teaches people to meditate, focus, and release; to USE the practice in day-to-day, moment-to-moment life. Emily's guidance has helped me deepen into a far more sustainable, disciplined Reiki practice. - Becky S




Energy Insights began 11 years ago when I left my 9-5 position at a university to begin my journey as a Reiki and EFT practitioner. Talk about a leap of faith. It was a calling I couldn't ignore anymore. I knew my highly sensitive, highly empathic nature had a greater purpose. Creating sacred space for you to feel safe to remember your inherent worth and wisdom, release stored pain, and false beliefs from the past so you can live more freely and inspired has become my life's work. 

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